To Which Kingdom Do You Belong?

We must trust in the Sovereignty and Providence of God and to His promise of a better world to come. Our hope is in Christ and not in a president or in our government. (Revelation 11:15).
We must remember that ultimately we are not in control of the world events around us. We must trust in God and in His Sovereign will for our nation.

 We need to be more passionate about advancing the gospel than we are a political agenda. We need to fix the church before we go “make America great again.”

The things of this earth will pass but when we leave from here we are taking the gospel with us, not our political affiliation. 

So, where are we placing our hope? Are we placing our hope and building a castle in a kingdom that will fail? Or are we placing our hope in the Eternal Kingdom built for us in the Kingdom of Heaven?

By no means does this mean you should avoid politics, but we must put God first and above all. Because if we place our hope in an earthly kingdom we will be let down. 

If anything remember this: the Kingdom of God does not advance through political power but through the gospel. (Phillipines 3:20, Hebrews 11:9-10). 


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